What others are saying about Brent Bressler and Bressler Ventures LLC


"I have been very pleased to have Brent Bressler represent my company as broker. He is professional and kept me informed on a regular basis as to how the progress was going. When I received an offer and went under contract, he kept close tabs on the progress and let me know each step of the way, how things were going. I would give Brent 5 stars."

-- Stew Stephens, SB Woodworking, Inc.


"I would like to thank Brent for assisting in a quick and satisfying sale of my business. The first time I met Brent was 2007 when he sent a client that was interested in our type of business. At that point in time I was not really ready to sell. However I stayed in contact all the years with Brent and when ready to sell he was the one I called. After dealing with other brokers in the past as they approached us with potential buyers I can say my experience with Brent and Bressler Ventures was a pleasurable one. I spoke with Brent in November of 2013 and by late January and early February 2014 we had 4 very good offers. We closed with the one that we thought was best on March 3. Again, thanks Brent for orchestrating our sale."

-- Butch Butler, Butler Welding & MFG.


“Brent has found solutions to my most challenging problems, he is trustworthy, honest and extremely loyal, uncommon in the business community of today”

-- David Dauffenbach, Electrical Systems Inc.


"As you know, buying a business has been an entirely new process for me and my husband. It wasn't until we got in touch with you that we actually felt like we had someone on our side. That may sound funny since we know in this case, your first priority is in representing the seller, but we feel like you have our best interest at heart also. You aren't just trying to make a sale. Of course, you want to get the business sold for your client, but you also want to make sure it is the right decision for us. These actions say a lot about you and your integrity. We aren't paying you a dime, yet I know you would advise us against buying a business that wasn't a good fit."


"I hope the seller realizes how hard you're working for him—if he doesn't, he should. Today you hear a great deal about customer service, ironically good customer service usually just isn't there. We are so impressed with you and the excellent service we have received from you. When I call I know that if you don't answer the phone, you will be getting back to me as soon as possible…usually within minutes. When I request information, I know that if at all possible you will get that for me as well. Thank you for all your help, expertise, and facilitation for a very mutually agreeable transaction between us and the seller."

-- Julia & Jim Benson

“Making the decision to sell a business is never an easy one. However, once the decision is made,
the plan must be fulfilled with the least amount of hassle. The only way to find the right buyer and
satisfactorily close the transaction is with the proper help. Brent Bressler of Bressler Ventures LP is the
right person for the job. From the time you decide, until you hand over the keys, you can count on Brent
to be there assisting you in any way possible. We have had the privilege of working with Brent on two
separate occasions, and can heartily recommend his services.”

-- David E. Coffelt, Mid-States Publications, LLC.


“Brent’s patience in working through various alternatives and interminable roadblocks was an
excellent support mechanism to finally securing a deal and closing. His attention to detail and follow-up
were instrumental… Call backs and requests for information were handled promptly and courteously by
both Brent and his office; not once in a very lengthy process were we ever waiting on actions or
information from them. Not only are we happy to serve as a reference for Bressler Ventures, but we also
hope to secure their services again in the future.”

-- Brad D. Bettles, Ark Valley Investment Group, Inc.


“I would highly recommend Brent Bressler to anyone seeking the expertise of a business
intermediary/broker. Brent’s knowledge and skill in managing both the buy side and the sell side of
transactions are superior. He is extremely well-versed in various financing scenarios and works closely
with his clients to help them realize their dreams, whether it is owning a business or moving on to
retirement or to other ventures. Many transactions fall apart for the wrong reasons. Brent communicates
directly with all the parties involved in a transaction making himself available to them to successfully
expedite the process. As a lender representative, I have the advantage of interacting with our
underwriters, closing attorneys, seller and buyer attorneys as well as various accountants and brokers.
Brent maintains control of his transactions and is always one step ahead of the next problem. He
understands potential stumbling blocks and works out several solutions to the potential problems in order
to ensure a successful closing. Brent is professional, hard working and enthusiastic in his work and I find
it quite refreshing to work with him.”

-- Joseph T. Wojtowicz, Popular Small Business Capital.


“Throughout the many dozens of communications we had, you brought a sincere forthright downto-
earth approach to the process…and, always in a timely manner. I especially appreciated the fact that
you treated all questions with a high degree of respect and always diligently supplied answers; and that
includes those from the ultimate buyer…Thank you again, Brent and be assured that I would gladly serve
as a positive reference for any of your future clients.”

-- Rob Oliver, Wichita Burner Inc.


“There were many times when we could have slipped off the path, so to speak, and your
leadership kept us moving in the right direction”

-- Jeffrey T. Ronen, Citizens State Bank.


“Brent has shown concern for all of my business needs, but the most important aspect of working
with him is he gets results.”

-- Richard Roy, Royal Pest Control.


“A year ago we tried to sell our business ourselves and went through a mess of waiting and paperwork, only to have the deal fall apart. Within just a few weeks you had a qualified buyer and the transaction was completed...you care more for the people than the sale...what a difference it makes to trust a professional.”

-- M. & J. Richards


“You made selling our business easy. We were glad we had the third-party appraisal when you found us a buyer...it helped move the sale along. On a scale of 1-10, you are an 11!"

-- K . S. & Family


“Thank you for your professional expertise in assisting me in the sale of my business. Your diligence in pursuing the right buyer and guiding everyone involved to a successful conclusion made it all happen.”

-- R. C. Edwards


“You and your office followed through with everything you said you were going to do. I don't find that to happen very often today in customer service anywhere. I was impressed with your follow through.”

-- S. Bemard


“What appeared to be impossible, put in your proper hands, was made possible!”

-- D. Morrow


“Buying this business was easier than taking five kids to Grandma's house...running it is easier than raising them! Our first month showed a profit! We are very happy with the purchase.”

-- A. & N. Koyle